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(MOPAG will be meeting at the Grants View Branch
of the St. Louis County Library, at Gravois and Musick Rd)

MOPAG General Membership Minutes for August 3, 2019

The meeting was convened at 1:40 p.m. by Chair Steve Reed.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Marty Walsh gave a financial report for the month of July 2019. The opening balance was $396.07; $15 was received $15 in dues; and, the closing balance was $371.07.


The Chair reminded people that elections were being held 6 August for county council seats in districts 1 and 2, with Dems Rita Days Heard and Kelli Dunaway running respectively.

Last month’s approved write-up on spring flooding and climate change was published as a Letter to the Editor in this weeks’ South County Times and as a longer OP-ED on Don Corrigan’s Environmental Echo blog.

MOPAG is considering having Jobs with Justice and/or League of Women Voters at our September meeting to talk about Missouri ballot initiatives and the National Popular Vote Initiative. In October a faculty member of the Wash U Brown School will continue our series on child wellbeing.

Speaker: Don Logue Child Well-being & Thinking Upstream: What We Are Getting Wrong In Missouri!
(click on the link to dowload a PDF copy of the slide show presentation.)

Mr. Logue, with Aegis Healthcare Strategies, has over thirty years of experience advising both public and private organizations on strategic solutions in community development and healthcare issues. He is a member of the Wash U Institute of Public Health Patient Research Advisory Board.

Don talked about some of the social determinants of child health and reviewed wellbeing related statistics for St Louis City, the county, and Missouri, i.e., St Louis infant mortality is closer to that of India than Iceland, and the city and state homicide rates are horrendous. He covered the Adverse Child Experiences categories that influence child well-being, focusing on the highly elevated levels of lead prevalent in many areas of St Louis City and County. He is looking for ways to communicate with legislators.

45% of Missouri children are on Medicaid. The Missouri McKinsey report on Medicaid had the prime objective of cutting costs, not improving health outcomes. A confusing myriad of state agencies have responsibilities for wellbeing. They sometimes work at cross-purposes to one another. Don also discussed missed opportunities for redevelopment zones, stating that a lack of government leadership has meant forgone opportunities to work with the private sector. There is no strategic planning for spending economic development funds in the county.

The challenge is to bridge the gap between useful fact-based public policy research and actual enacted public policies and priorities for investments. Don has worked with elected government and in the “research” and private sector communities to try and bridge that gap. Don showed a video, The Dark Side of Free Will, a TED talk by SUNY Corning Professor Gregg Caruso.

After the presentation Steve Reed talked about the power of boards of trustees who are appointed and too often operate without much public visibility. Susan Turk stated they are not directly accountable to citizens.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Susan Turk/Steve Reed

Please note - Meeting Location:
Musick Road will be partially closed at Gravois Road for road construction. Heading north on Gravois you can turn right onto Musick, and exiting Musick you can turn right only (north) onto Gravois. The library recommends accessing the Grant’s View Branch via Tesson Ferry Road.  From Musick and Tesson Ferry Road: Turn north on Musick (about 1.2 miles). Turn east onto Richmond Calvary Dr. The entrance to the library parking lot will be on your left.

Click on the map below for directions to the library:

Map showing location of Grant's View Library

On the web at MOPAG.ORG, St Louis Meetup Missouri Progressive Action Group, and on Facebook. See also which brings together several groups within the website and provides a consolidated calendar of events for the activist regional community.


1. Educate yourself and communicate to your friends, family, and public.      

The science: 

The politics:

The U.S.impacts.

2. Reduce your carbon emissions.

3. Support political candidates who recognize the climate challenge.  and   (will be updated for 2020 election)

4. ***Support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.***

5. Join advocacy group.  Participate in climate protests on-going in St Louis.

6. Donate to Climate Science Legal Defense Fund and National Center for Science Education in the schools:

7. Consider climate change investing.

8. Engage local government. St Louis County still needs to adopt the new building standards code to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution. Contact your district council member.

This handout will be furnished with hyperlinks to mopag@googlegroups and to MOPAG facebook.

Township Guide

Want to get involved but not sure How/Where? Here's a link to the St. Louis County Democrats Township Guide.

Winner Takes All

View Jeff Dickler's presentation of the atrocious Winner Takes All polotics we're fooled into thinking is a democracy. Documentation is found HERE.


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